What is Online Marketing?

  • Online marketing is the process of transmitting goods and services to various companies like hotels, industries, colleges, electrics, training centers, hospitals, tours and travels, trekking, banks, consultancy, factory etc. through social media and Funnel. We can do all this work at home.

What do we do? How does online business make money?

  • Products and services of any business company like Hotel, Consultancy, Restaurant, Tours & Travel, Electric, Trekking, Industry, Bank, Training Center, Hospital, School, through social media such as Facebook, CEO, YouTube, Email, Google. In a big way, we do the marketing work and sales of the product by attracting the most people. You don't have to go to any market or market for that. You can work at home.

  • For example, if you market a bag company, the company pays you a fee for marketing the bag or you pay commission on the basis of Prestige.

  • At present we are working in various business companies in Nepal as well as companies outside of Nepal such as AliBaba, Amazon, Udemy, Easy1Up etc.

What is the monthly income?

  • Internet JOB does not have to be ACTUALLY so INCOME. Our income is based on the work we do. In Nepal, the fellows who are currently doing this work have earned between Rs 30k to 200k

What are the requirements for this JOB?

  • The first thing to do online JOB was to have inner desire and positive thinking. Also, it should be LAPTOP / COMPUTER, INTERNET & INTEREST, over 2 hours.

Is this business recognized by the government?

  • ONLINE JOB is spread all over the world, not just in Nepal. As well as making BUSINESS operable, anyone must make REGISTER mandatory. Also it comes through REGISTER.

Need to invest?

  • Yes, we are investing in INCOME as soon as we invest. We invest in learning any work or starting a job and then getting their reward. Your time and some financial investment are required.

  • We have to pay FEE to make your ACCOUNT ACTIVE in this program. No need to INVEST after ACCOUNT ACTIVE fears. Your training depends on what you buy.

What if there is no income through exclusion?

  • We are just starting to earn a living. So if we work hard and be positive about it, then we can certainly earn it.

How do we get INCOME and how?

  • Many ONLINE JOBs do MONEY PAY from SYSTEM. In our program, DIRECT you can PAY BANK ACCOUNT for fear of being made available.


  • The program we bring is called Easy1up. Easy1up provides TRAINING on how to generate income using SOCIAL Medias. There are programs that have different programs according to INVEST. There are different INCOME WAYS.

Benefit of Easy1Up Online Buisiness: -

  • Can be learned at home
  • Learn at any Time
  • One Time invest permanent training and work can be done.
  • Get training that fits you
  • Help make your Business better for everyone's
  • You can get 💯% commission on sale of course
  • Unlimited sales unlimited income
  • Payments can be taken in the way you Want

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